May 27th, 2019


Dictatorship USA – A Personal History – Part 47

How the Soviet Union saved Arnold Lockshin's life... (2)

The case of Danye Jones – and not only him... (continuation)

The Fight for Justice Takes Its Toll on Ferguson Activists 

(The New York Review of Books, Feb. 12, 2019)

“The recently released medical examiner’s report, however, concluded that the cause of Danye’s death was suicide. No autopsy was done on the body...

“The medical examiner’s office because it failed to photograph Michael Brown’s (murdered in cold blood by a white Ferguson, Missouri policeman) body in August 2014 (the examiner of that case told a grand jury, “my battery in my camera died”). Mckinnies dismissed the report’s account of her son’s death as lies, saying that he had just started his business and was feeling confident about it, that he was not depressed or worried about rumors of his sexuality, and that there was a “knot on his face” and “indentations” on his wrists.  

Danye Jones is one of at least five young men associated with the Ferguson protests who have died since 2014.  

“The night the grand jury acquitted Darren Wilson on November 24, 2014, Deandre Joshua, a childhood friend of a significant witness in the Mike Brown case, was shot to death and found, his body part-burned, in his car.  

“In 2017, Edward Crawford, who became famous after a picture of him throwing a tear gas canister went viral, was found dead in a car...   

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Медицина в штатах безумно дорогая

Факты, которые  подконтрольные ЦРУ СМ»И»  в России скрывают...

Dictatorship USA – Run By A Plundering and Murderous Ruling Class  — 2019 (424)

Медицина в США: дорого и еще дороже

ForumDaily 13.06.2018,

Медицина в штатах не просто дорогая, а безумно дорогая. Счета за медицину — самый популярный фактор банкротства американцев. Приведу пример из моих счетов для понимая порядка цен:

К ребенку прицепился клещ. Мы поехали в экстренную помощь. Мы там пробыли примерно полчаса. Доктор просто снял клеща, уточнил, как давно он прицепился, и все. Счет за это составил 421 бакс.

Жене стало нехорошо, мы опять же поехали в экстренную помощь, провели там примерно 4 часа. Счет за этот визит 3500 баксов.

Коллега с камнями в почках поехал в экстренную помощь, провел там примерно 6 часов. Счет составил 6500 баксов.

Роды обошлись в 10000 баксов.

Визит к врачу для дежурного осмотра ребенка обходится в 150 баксов.

Стоимость операции может составлять десятки тысяч баксов.

Без медицинской страховки в штатах никак. Если у вас какие-то проблемы со здоровьем серьезнее простуды и у вас нет страховки — дешевле умереть.  

Прийти в аптеку и купить любое лекарство просто так нельзя. Просто так можно купить витамины, жаропонижающие и что-то похожее. Во всех прочих случаях надо получить рецепт у врача.  


У 40% американцев нет даже 400 долларов на случай экстренной ситуации, 24.05.2019


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Seniors are struggling to afford food in the U.S.

Факты, которые  подконтрольные ЦРУ СМ»И»  в России скрывают...

Dictatorship USA – Run By A Plundering and Murderous Ruling Class  — 2019 (425)

Millions of senior citizens can’t afford food — and they’re not all living in poverty (officially)

MarketWatch, May 19, 2019

Senior citizens are struggling to afford enough food in the U.S. and the problem appears to be getting worse.

An alarming 1 in 12 seniors aged 60 and older — 5.5 million or 7.7% of the senior population — didn’t have enough food in 2017, the latest year for which data was available, according to a new study by Feeding America, a nonprofit organization that operates more than 200 food banks.  

Economic constraints lead some seniors to eat less or skip meals - an epidemic.  Two-thirds of all hungry seniors (65.3%) have incomes above the federal poverty line ($12,140 a year, or $1,012 per month for a single person household in 2017). And younger seniors — aged 60 to 64 — are twice as likely to be food insecure as seniors who are 80 or older.  

Seniors end up skipping meals due to the high cost of health care, housing, utilities and transportation.

There’s a number of economic factors that could be contributing: A staggering 3 million senior citizens aged 65 and up are paying off their student loans, totalling up to $86 billion. And many are having their Social Security benefits wiped out to pay off their debt.  

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